Today I have to say this. It’s been coming for a long time but really I can’t just be quiet about it. Tiaan knows how sick I was not so long ago. I was in really bad shape and my body. Oh boy. Not good. I started taking Aruca someContinue Reading

Aruca helps my body so much

My sister-in-law told the family yesterday that she does not need to attend the presentation tonight because she’s happy with the way Aruca is continually helping her. She has lost weight, excess water retention gone, blood pressure normal and she can now bend and move with ease. Henry NB: This product isContinue Reading

Happy with Aruca

Just a quick, initial report on Aruca. My caps arrived at mid-day on Friday and so I started taking them on Saturday morning. Today is Tuesday, day 4. Let me start with the “bad”: from Sunday morning, I’ve been struggling with somewhat red, scratchy eyes. Nothing too serious, but I’veContinue Reading

Just the right boost to finish the day

Just a little positive feedback on our Autistic son that was born with severe apraxia of speech (not able to talk) and a mild form of cerbral palsy resulting in extreme low musle tone – 4 months later on Meduca or as he calls it “my brain oil” and notContinue Reading

The teacher was so impressed with my Autistic son

Three days after I’d adopted Lulu, (nearly 5 years ago) I had to rush her to the vet as her right hind leg was swollen and very blue under her white coat. While in the Hermanus Animal Welfare kennels, she was bitten by another dog. Shortly after that it wasContinue Reading

Lulu’s ligaments are healing