Lulu’s ligaments are healing

Three days after I’d adopted Lulu, (nearly 5 years ago) I had to rush her to the vet as her right hind leg was swollen and very blue under her white coat. While in the Hermanus Animal Welfare kennels, she was bitten by another dog. Shortly after that it was established by the vets that one of her ligaments in that leg was damaged during the incident. In December 2016 Lulu’s ligament in the left hind leg was damaged. Vets wanted to operate, I declined as I’ve discovered that ligament replacement surgery does not have a high success rate for doggies 5kgs and lower. I trusted my intuition that I will find an alternative for my sweet Lulu. From the third day since I started giving Lulu about 3 drops of Meduca, I was overjoyed that she could easily hop onto the couch she was photographed on with EASE! Her favourite spot is on this couch next to me. Two days in a row I was so busy I forgot to give her Meduca and she struggled again to jump. So it’s very clear to me that the Meduca is helping her body heal her injured ligaments… 

– Lulu’s owner
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