Today I have to say this. It’s been coming for a long time but really I can’t just be quiet about it. Tiaan knows how sick I was not so long ago. I was in really bad shape and my body. Oh boy. Not good. I started taking Aruca some time last year and I felt really good. Not perfect but better than I had felt in a long time. I coped through many things. He knows. And when the new formulation came out I took a dip. All the pain came back. I felt terrible. Tiaan knows that too. 😂. Poor guy. He gets all the complaints. But you know. I’ve been on it now for what? Probably 8 months? He will know. The new formulation for 2 months. I can honestly say today that I literally feel 10 years younger. I run up the stairs man. When I had to go up one by one in pain every step. I go down the steps in the same way. I have no pain. My stomach and colon work now – like a normal person. My body balks at yukky food. I can smell when the food is not good for me. I don’t crave chocolates and sugar anymore. I feel content and satisfied. I’m patient and nice to my kids. 🤣. 95% of the time! I just feel so good man. I want to encourage you. If you’re wondering about taking Aruca don’t. If the detox is heavy (like it was for me) stick it out. When your body settles down with it you will run a marathon. Climb mountains. And swim in rivers again. Thank you for a great product Tiaan. From the bottom of my heart. I thought it was too late. I was on such a bad downward spiral. I’m so grateful.