I created this site for women – moms and wives – like me, who don’t have time to sweat the small stuff and struggle to give their body what it needs to maintain a busy life. What I found was simple, yet required a complete paradigm shift. Journey with me and find out how simple it is to ‘run with the wolves’ … again ?

At the age of 45 I gave birth to my youngest little one. Yes, I started late and I had been pushing the limits much of my life, but after this birth my body really started struggling. I made some drastic changes, tried all kinds of supplements. The “supposed” best of the best. Nothing made a significant or even noticeable difference. Of course I bought “organic” – whatever that means these days – and kept things sensible – less sugar blah blah blah. Heck man … life is so busy these days and with kids who can keep up? By the time I reached 50 my body collapsed – I was literally bed ridden for days. It just said “enough – I will go no further!”

A visit to the doctor and scary feedback on where I am heading, made me realise I was cruising for a bruising.  That which I had done over the previous 5 years wasn’t enough. Of course I know, it takes time, but I’m 50 for heavens sake! I don’t have time! Was it too late? My kids are still young! There’s so much to do every day. School, sport, husband, home. Never could I have dreamed that being a woman, mom and wife could be so demanding! I wish someone could have prepared me for this but as you well know, nothing anyone would have said could really prepare one for this.


Long story short … from constantly being exhausted and in permanent pain I can now for the first time say, in fact shout it out:


And typing it here doesn’t even give it any justice. Within days I was a different person! Not even the highest quality cannabis oil did this for me. In as little as 3 days I started on an upward spiral that also supports my spiritual journey.

Your body is a miracle healing machine!


What you will discover here has been occulted or obfuscated, for whatever reason, for however long it took you to find it. That sounds funny but really it is true. It’s been right there in front of you all the time but you only see it when you are ready. And now, because you are ready, you are here … 😉

“The mind is responsible for happiness, sadness and all that is experienced in this world. He who masters the mind becomes very successful.”

Being an entrepreneur and advocate for freedom and liberty, my life is full of extra-ordinary events. As a rebel one misses out on many opportunities that most could regard sensible, but it does bring with it some breathtakingly awesome experiences and of course some that can really kill you.

Everyone hits rock bottom some time and I believe, from experience :-), that this is the only time you are really “born again” –  but only if you are willing, and the level of pain has reached your threshold. I used to think that I knew what that meant until one day, I was on my knees asking, seeking grace and relief. That day something happened to me that I had never experienced before – call it an epiphany, a baptism, a re-birth, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that since then my life has taken on the most interesting journey and I know that since you are here, reading this, that you are ready for this journney.

If you subscribe to my blog you will receive a free book called “Could it Be This Simple” that shocked me into another dimension of understanding who God is and what is really going on. You will learn how BELIEF profoundly affects your reality and what you can do to make your life extraordinary.

I could say that “the scales fell off my eyes”! Never in a million years did I know that what I was about to discover could be so life changing, scary, exciting, daunting, embarrassing, forgiving, loving and just wow all at the same time! I will share all this with you in this blog if you are willing to keep an open mind and most of all if you are willing to spend time with yourself, get to know yourself, and get to forgive and love yourself in the truest sense.

My site will introduce you to products and information that will support your  body and mind through this transformation. You will laugh and cry and you will experience relief like no other … are you ready?