Change Your Mind – Change Your Biology

We all know by now that because of our current lifestyle, stress has become one of the biggest issues of all time. Did you know that when in stress your body shuts down all systems that are not needed in a stressful situation. Just imagine a little what that means. Because of stress many of your bodily functions are simply hovering on the brink of survival, some not functioning properly at all, while your body prepares for fight or flight. Being in this state constantly brings about almost 95% of the diseases that exist today. That is a very big statement but look at what Dr Bruce Lipton says in this video: “If You Change Your Mind You Can Change Your Biology.”

So it is the signal from the mind that is of utmost importance?

He says that there are only 3 ways to mess up the “signal”.

  1. Trauma
  2. Toxins
  3. Thought – the mind.

I’m fascinated with number 3. The name of the switch that controls your biology = perception. This is something I really became aware of when I read the book that I offer for free when you subscribe to my blog here. Again reinforcing the concept that “If You Change Your Mind You Can Change Your Biology”.

Imagine. 95% of people in the world could be perfectly healthy simply by controlling their thought processes – the “signal”!

Contrary to popular belief, learning that genes are not fixed as on or off and are not the ones that establish the state of your being is a major breakthrough. How many people have you heard say: “Oh it’s in the family so it was INEVITABLE”. Think about it. The genes are either red or not red and switched on or off through your mind or perception. You control your genes through your thoughts and beliefs. Wow.

Further to this, 95% of cancer is because of Epigenetic Control (I’ll delve further into Epigenetic Control in further blog posts) – which can be passed from one generation to another. How? Well through habit forming activities and beliefs that develop as a result of environmental factors, rituals, religions, lifestyles, learned habits, shared beliefs, traditions, etc. internalised as truth.

Responsibility of your health is yours 

I like Dr Lipton’s analogy of your body being a “community”. And the fact that your brain or rather your mind is the “central voice” that controls your “community”. I now understand that the signals from the environment give the brain the opportunity for interpretation; either positive or negative. Then the belief that is concluded out of this perception as a result of the interpretation affects your “community”.

“If you change your perception you can change the reading of your genes.”  Dr Bruce Lipton

Belief belief belief. What do you really believe? To me this is huge. I have spent a lot of time on delving into my belief system. I mean think about it … if you believe the doctor, the belief can cause you to have the disease? Really? This can be a little “unbelievable” or even terrifying for many but I guess that is a choice. I have decided to accept this new understanding that the function of the mind is to send the signal to the “community” which the “community” then follows.

You can live your best life ever because “If You Change Your Mind You Can Change Your Biology.”

change your mind - change your biology

Knowing this and believing this, I now specifically focus every day on my thought processes. In other words I practice mindfulness. I adjust my perceptions constantly to more positive interpretations rather than negative. And of course this forms my “perception” or “belief”. Now the genes that are required to support my beliefs are switched on! My reality is then shaped according to these beliefs because obviously my behaviour will change. And this is how I can control my reality and live the best life ever.

How is your “community” responding? Can you see and feel the communities response? Is your community happy or sad? Healthy or sick?

“If the doctor tells you – you have a disease or you’re going to die – and you believe the doctor, the belief can cause you to become sick or die.”

So why do we get sick? Stress. Period.


Of course  some will reject this entire concept of “If You Change Your Mind You Can Change Your Biology” outright. For me it is progress.

This is why I take Aruca™ . This combination of herbs are contributing to point number 2 and 3 above. Aruca™ has helped my body remove toxins by supplying super antioxidants. But as Dr Lipton says you have to treat the disease but also the stress. Aruca™ is an adaptogenic supplement. Adaptogenic herbs are a group of botanical rejuvenating herbs that greatly improve your body’s ability to adapt to stress and improve strength, energy, stamina, endurance, and mental clarity. I believe that this must have a profound effect on the chemical balances in the body. I feel it.


The information on this blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as advice, diagnosis or implied treatment. Please consult a professional should you experience discomfort or dis-ease.

Important Scientific and Biological Breakthrough

In some posts I’ve referred to vibration, mood, intention and so on. I have become very aware of this important scientific and biological breakthrough while I searched for a solution to my deteriorating health.

Consider carefully what this man says about the healing profession. Also how important it is to look at science and nature together. Then he also gives some really hectic statistics. The leading cause of death being illness DUE TO MEDICAL TREATMENT – over 700,000 people per year! Over 300,000 people die from prescription drugs every year! He makes some very big statements. It is super interesting and I believe something very important to research and consider when deciding what to put into your body. Note when he talks about THE FIELD. The part where waves are constantly colliding and therefor forming your actual physical body and everything else around you!

Important Scientific and Biological Breakthrough

Aruca is probably one of the most advanced adaptogenic supplements I’ve ever come across. I believe that the 100% natural contents of Aruca delivers vibrations that assist my body with vibrational correction. But that is just my belief. I know that while I research and study this further I will have more interesting things to share. I have never felt as powerful effect on my body as Aruca™ has given. Did you know that The term “adaptogen” is currently not accepted in pharmacological, physiological, or mainstream clinical practices? I wonder if this will change as more Important Scientific and Biological Breakthrough s come about. And what about Homeopathy? Isn’t that based on frequency?

This video is not on Dr Lipton’s page so I’m not sure how long it is going to be available. Catch it now and be prepared for some mind blowing info.


The information on this blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as advice, diagnosis or implied treatment. Please consult a professional should you experience discomfort or dis-ease.


Should I fear my children growing up and leaving home?

Oh so many times I’ve heard mom’s say that their children grow up too fast. Right now I’m facing this head on! My youngest is already becoming independent! Can It be that I’ve reached the fifties? shouldn’t I be a grandmother already? How did I ever get here? Should I fear my children growing up and leaving home? Mothers do fret don’t they?

I have so many questions.

There is an unlimited amount of asking going on. Recently I came across a poem by a man who lived in the 13th century known as Rumi. One of the poems he wrote caught my eye and it goes like this:

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don’t go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don’t go back to sleep!”

This very well known poet caught my interest because his poems epitomize a “call from an independent soul yearning for true freedom from dogma and hypocrisy.” It also says: “Ask for what you really want“! Since I am an avid seeker of true freedom I decided to take his poem to heart and implement what it suggests.

Insomnia or anxiety?

You see, I wake up every morning in the early hours between 3 and 4 am. I am wide awake. Nothing wakes me … not a dream, not a sound, not a child. I just wake up. In the past I used to struggle to get back to sleep. According to the Ohio State University, anxiety is to blame and reportedly it “can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble getting back to sleep (called middle insomnia, or sleep maintenance insomnia). Terminal insomnia, which happens when you wake up before your ideal wake-up time and just can’t fall back asleep, may be a sign of depression.” Doctors and specialists subscribe all kinds of medication to suppress this ‘sleeplessness’.

Proof is in the pudding

So, I thought, let’s see … I’m not anxious … and I am certainly not depressed. I’ve been using natural supplements to support my body and I feel great, but I still wake up. What I’m going to do is get up and meditate, and not go back to sleep, just like Rumi’s poem suggests. I’ve figured that there are always two sides to a coin. Without one side there is no other … obviously. What if the insomnia is just the one side. What if there was another angle to this. Another side. Where I can ask for what I really want! I decided to pursue this and possibly discover the ‘other side’.

I had been meditating for quite a while now. It has been a true blessing. During these quiet times I often become inspired to do something special to expand my life in specific directions. When I started meditating in these early morning hours I was astounded at how different it was. How beautiful it was. Complete and peaceful silence followed by interesting and powerful “insights”! Are these insights coming from me? From my sub-conscious? God? These were thoughts that I wouldn’t normally think. Thoughts that can be construed as guidance. The clarity I experience when I meditate in these early hours is astounding.

It is at this hour that all momentum of the day subsides

When I investigated this further I came to realise that it is at this hour that all momentum of the day subsides. All thoughts, concerns and worries are laid to rest. Thoughts and concerns for the following day have not started. It is the tipping point where you and the universe are one. Peace takes over and a feeling of bliss fills your body. Oh how wonderful it is to just sit there and be in the presence of ‘all that is’ while my cup runneth over. Is this what it is like to be in the presence of God? It must be! When the whole world around me disappears, and a smile rushes to my face and tears stream from my eyes, I will hear the words of God. And the words “Be still and know that I am God” becomes an all-encompassing truth. It is during this time that I receive ideas, direction, insights, comfort, knowledge and so much more.

The full understanding that all is in control.

Rumi was right! He must have experienced this. He must have known that this is the hour that God speaks. When “those that have ears can hear“. The reason why Jesus often went into the wilderness to meditate. This kind of guidance is priceless for me as a loving mother. The full understanding that all is in control. That all is well. That life is a beautiful mystery of learning and growing in joy and love. That I can ask protection for my children and know that it is done – because as a mother, that is what I really want.

I now know what real faith is.

This kind of joy and peace is what all mothers need and deserve.

The information on this blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as advice, diagnosis or implied treatment. Please consult a professional should you experience discomfort or dis-ease.



Freedom and the stuff a mother has to do

I found myself analysing my daily routine and the stuff a mother has to do that nobody takes notice of. I longed for something I could do just for myself. I’m sure every mom out there asks this question some or other time. Of course during my contemplation I asked God (as we mostly do with these deep questions): Why is it that you can’t just tell us what to do – something that a mom can do without losing touch with her kids. There are so many options. Which route do we take? Something that takes very little time so we can still be with our kids, but that is very fulfilling of course. A tall order! These days most moms have a job! Married or not. And they have to scurry around like crazy to make ends meet. You’re in control. Why can’t you make it easier for moms?

I know I know, it was rhetorical alright?

But guess what. I did get an answer!

It came booming into my ears, AUDIBLY! I’ve never had such an experience before and you can think I’m crazy … think what you want but listen to this. It will change your life forever as it has mine over the last few years.

This was the answer:

“I can not tell you what to do. You have to choose what you want to do and I will support you along the way. It is called free will.”

Whaaaaaat? Did that rattle your cage? It sure rattled mine. I have to choose? How can I have to choose? Don’t I have a destiny? I thought.  It’s Your mysterious way or the highway! We are forever being told to seek first the kingdom of God! And now You say I must choose? I want what You want! I was being rather disrespectful I guess.

Nevertheless, I was slapped with full comprehension – instantly. It was not a pretty sight, but I have it now. YES! You have to choose. You see, I am (just like you are) preparing to actually exercise my new found free will.

The free will you never knew you had.

I m freeI have now learned about real free will. The kind of free will I never knew I had. I am sure many don’t realise the extent of this free will that they have. It is scary and overwhelming but extremely intriguing. I learned or rather realised that this is a truth that was obfuscated for a very long time. I suppose one could imagine that such free will in the wrong hands could wreak havoc. In fact, it is a natural law that was put in place in ‘the beginning’. I had it all the time. You have it too. Perhaps, like me you just didn’t realise the extent of it. Do you know how it works? REAL Free will?

Here’s what I understand. I can choose whatever I like! I love! I enjoy thoroughly, because I know I will be supported.

How will I be supported? I don’t know. And I’m not supposed to care! You see if you experienced what I experienced, you will know and have the understanding that you will be supported in supernatural ways;

  • that you don’t need to care about it;
  • that it will always be enough, all the time;
  • that you simply have to ask and it will be given;
  • that it doesn’t matter how it happens because you can rest assured that it will be incorporated within your dream life and that it will flow like water.

My head was spinning.

I understand now. You have to step out in faith. The kind of faith that is blind. (The kind of faith your mother warned you about. 🙂 just kidding) The kind of faith I am now encouraging you to take with a sober mind. It is only when you take that first step that you will see the next rock appear below your foot that will stop you from plunging into deep waters.

You have to know that you will be carried through … step by step.

I understood that the first step is …

Make a decision.

Forever and a day I thought I must look out for signs that will guide me to my destiny. I distinctly remember embarking on a journey creating a specific venture and interesting synchronicities happening that made me think ‘I’ve found my destiny’! And then when it didn’t work out I would really wonder what happened? It was so clear and so obvious. Why didn’t it work out and why did it stop? Now I know that those were merely there for me because I made a decision – the support coming through. And when I started doubting, things happened for it not to work out – because how can I get support when I’m not sure where I am going? It was me! All ME! I doubted. I changed my mind! My desires and thinking was sloppy!

That hit me right between the eyes. I felt like I had been shocked right into another dimension! Have you ever had that? You have to make a solid decision. Wow. This needs more discussion and exploration.

I’m going to start a forum where moms like me can chat about our lives as moms. Where we can just be ourselves and can laugh and enjoy the wonder of this life. Where we can explore the infinite possibilities lying before us because we have discovered who we really are. If you’re such a mom and you’d like to share the wonders of this discovery and learn and teach other moms … subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t’ miss when our very own, very special, very private forum is ready!

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