Important Scientific and Biological Breakthrough

In some posts I’ve referred to vibration, mood, intention and so on. I have become very aware of this important scientific and biological breakthrough while I searched for a solution to my deteriorating health.

Consider carefully what this man says about the healing profession. Also how important it is to look at science and nature together. Then he also gives some really hectic statistics. The leading cause of death being illness DUE TO MEDICAL TREATMENT – over 700,000 people per year! Over 300,000 people die from prescription drugs every year! He makes some very big statements. It is super interesting and I believe something very important to research and consider when deciding what to put into your body. Note when he talks about THE FIELD. The part where waves are constantly colliding and therefor forming your actual physical body and everything else around you!

Important Scientific and Biological Breakthrough

Aruca is probably one of the most advanced adaptogenic supplements I’ve ever come across. I believe that the 100% natural contents of Aruca delivers vibrations that assist my body with vibrational correction. But that is just my belief. I know that while I research and study this further I will have more interesting things to share. I have never felt as powerful effect on my body as Aruca™ has given. Did you know that The term “adaptogen” is currently not accepted in pharmacological, physiological, or mainstream clinical practices? I wonder if this will change as more Important Scientific and Biological Breakthrough s come about. And what about Homeopathy? Isn’t that based on frequency?

This video is not on Dr Lipton’s page so I’m not sure how long it is going to be available. Catch it now and be prepared for some mind blowing info.


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