I’ve learned that there is no negative energy

By now we all know that everything consists of energy. We know that the human being is powered by energy. Pure Positive Energy. In contrast to that I have learned that there is no negative energy. Negative is not energy in this instance. Negative can then perhaps be perceived as the absence of Positive Energy – Pure Positive Energy – life spark – God, if you will. I wanted to find out how to increase my energy?

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(Some may want to put YHVH there but I decided a while ago to be neutral and use something that has never been used before. ;-) We are so hell bent on legalistic religion we’ve kind of lost the plot and the concept that everything is created by something and in the end there can only be one thing. Think about it.)

Anyhow, if you can not relate to what I’m on about and have not discovered the mechanics of quarks, waves and particles and the mystery of life then you can catch up by watching this movie.

It is an interesting movie with a lot of interesting concepts and it certainly makes one think more about who we are and where we come from.

Why am I showing/telling you this?

Well, because of Aruca™!

It has to do with the reason why Aruca™ was created! To support the restoration of the human body.

And what does that have to do with energy and positive and negative and quarks, and God?

I know this may seem completely irrelevant but bare with me. It will.

The name Aruca™ was inspired by the Hebrew word “ARUKAH” which means wholeness, health, restored, perfected, restoring of soundness. Arukah refers to all aspects of the body – Spiritual, physical and mental. These three systems need to work together in a rhythm in order to restore and replenish the body effectively.

I define it this way.


Aruca™ was formulated to facilitate the restoration of these systems resulting in the increase of the body’s “voltage”, holistically. The “voltage” is the amount of “power” that the body holds. The more “voltage” the body holds the stronger the “currency”, or “Amps” the body can deliver into the world, if you will. By increasing the “voltage” of the body you are obviously raising the “vibration” of the body. When you raise the “vibration” of the body you improve the “charge” of the body. The “charge” of the body is either high+ or low-. That is why there is no real negative. Remember, negative is really just the absence of positive+.

Like attracts like

Let’s take that further. If you’ve watched the movie above, or perhaps you already know, it is clear that LIKE attracts LIKE. You will realise that if the holistic human being has a high “vibration” it will then obviously attract more positive+! Things that are on that same high “vibration”.

+ Positive people
+ Positive events
+ Positive love/attention
+ Positive health

On the opposite end of that is the low “vibration” of course. I really spent a lot of time on the lower vibration because I wanted to understand it. In fact I probably took it a little too far but it did help me see the display of available levels of energy out there! This is how I got to understand that there is no real -negative charge but rather a low “vibration”.

Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people?

My conclusion is that the human being is basically open to whatever comes along when -negatively “charged”, or rather on a low “vibration” it . In other words, these beings will then experience all kinds of things at random. Sometimes desirable, sometimes not desirable. Because they attract the lower vibration, experiences that they do not desire will fill the space around them of course. But the cohesion is so weak that they soon just bounce off into another direction again. They have no “real charge”. They bounce around like a ship on a wild stormy sea and never get anywhere. They haven’t got a strong enough “charge” to fill the space around them with +positivity or to attract high vibrational experiences.

It is the answer to the age old question – why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. Good people do not necessarily have a high vibration. It is because of “voltage”. Just because you’re good doesn’t mean you have a high vibration. You may be synical and good. Or eat canned food day and night and be good … get my drift? This insight answered a myriad of questions for me but these are too many to mention in this post so I’ll elaborate on more in future posts.


Anyhow, many human beings are behind in achieving a +positive charge or high vibration. I’m one of them. Therefore I am grateful that the inspiration arose to create this unique product that can support almost all aspects of the restoration of the human body which includes “voltage”. I realised that it will help me catch up!

Initially Aruca™ was designed to facilitate the restoration of the “highways” (blood vessels) and the “byways” (nervous system) of the body. But as studies continued it seemed logical to include support on a wider scale and in more detail.

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First: By supporting these two systems one can have healing on all the organs of the body because of more effective delivery of nutrients and natural stimulation. In other words, blood will flow to the more finer parts of the body that are basically starving. This will help clear the “blockages” or disease/dis-ease in the body. Think about it – isn’t that what diabetes is doing? The finer nerve endings and veins are are dying because they are starving! Hence the lack of healing!

Second: Since the body is traveling down those paths, restoring the high ways and byways, why not clear the pavements and plant trees and create parks at the same time? Let’s do it all! Metaphorically speaking. This will support the restoration implied by the word Arukah … wholeness restored.

Let’s face it. Practically the whole world is struggling with these “blockages”. Even the planet in the way of pollution. And the financial system. Think about it. Money isn’t even flowing – it is merely being squashed through a few large “arteries” and the “veins” and tiny networks of pathways to the outer areas are dying – poverty everywhere! The education system is stifling creativity. The medical industry focuses on symptoms only! Where has that all got us?

The whole planet is experiencing what a diabetic experiences! Sores and ulcers that are unable to heal!

Poverty stricken areas lie all over the planet and the situation seems un-resolvable. It is because of the accumulation of toxic waste in the body and on this planet that so much disease/dis-ease exists. In fact this is on a mental and spiritual level too. Children are being abducted. Women and children are abused – the LIFE BLOOD of humanity! Really? Children are the future! Life’s longing for itself. Women birth life! The “current” delivered by the available “voltage” is very low indeed.


It all works together? The macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm. The sooner we realise this the sooner we will make a lot of changes in our personal lives and our surroundings. And yes, there is hope. There are pockets of people who are bringing change, slowly but surely. There are people bringing ground breaking solutions. Youngsters finding ways to remove toxic waste blocking the flow of water on the planet – cleaning up the oceans. There are people looking for ways to get money flowing to the poor. There is a big movement toward removing the toxins in our food – encouraging less processing. In many ways I can see many movements encouraging the return back to nature, pure positive energy, God. But it is not enough … yet.

Every human being on this planet is responsible to remove the blockages in their own lives so that the “voltage” can increase and the “currency” can flow.

I’m not saying “go on a diet” or “cut out this food or that food” or “throw your money out of the window of a low-flying plane”. I’m saying, GO FOR RESTORATION. Start paying attention to what different foods do to your body. Get to know your neighbour. Plant trees. Buy food from a farmer. Spend time in nature. Play with your kids. Pay attention to your contribution to the pollution of the planet and see how much you can eliminate. Start doing things that will increase your “voltage”.

Aruca™ was designed to facilitate this process.

When you increase the “voltage” of your body the side-effects are highly desirable. eg.  comfort, calmness, cheerfulness, clarity, weight loss, lower blood pressure, increased libido, peaceful sleep, high energy, improved ability to focus, pain relief, balance.

Think about it. Imagine what will happen to disease/dis-ease when it enters a high voltage body. Disease exists in a low voltage environment. It will disintegrate!

A body filled with love has a high voltage …

and LOVE conquers all!



Let's dance

When I started taking Aruca™ all I wanted to do is dance. It made all the difference. I feel on top of the world and I have more energy than I’ve had in years. Everything is affected by your “voltage”!


Oh, I still have so much to share with you but I’ll leave that for next time.


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