My body just said: “Enough! I will not go any further!”

This site is for women – moms and wives – who don’t have time to sweat the small stuff and struggle to give their body what it needs to maintain a busy life. Journey with me and find out how simple it is to ‘run with the wolves’ … again ?

At the age of 45 I gave birth to my youngest little one. Yes, I started late and I had been pushing the limits much of my life, but after this birth my body really started struggling. I made some drastic changes, tried all kinds of supplements. The “supposed” best of the best. Nothing made a significant or even noticeable difference. Of course I bought “organic” – whatever that means these days – and kept things sensible – less sugar blah blah blah. Heck man … life is so busy these days and with kids who can keep up? By the time I reached 50 my body collapsed – I was literally bed ridden for days. It just said “enough – I will go no further!”

When you think it’s too late – God still has a plan

A visit to the doctor and scary feedback on where I am heading, made me realise I was cruising for a bruising.  That which I had done over the previous 5 years wasn’t enough. Of course I know, it takes time, but I’m 50 for heavens sake! I don’t have time! Was it too late? My kids are still young! There’s so much to do every day. School, sport, husband, home. Never could I have dreamed that being a woman, mom and wife could be so demanding!

3 days – and things started turning around

Long story short … from constantly being exhausted and in permanent pain I can now for the first time say, in fact shout it out:


And typing it here doesn’t even give it any justice. Within days I was a different person! Not even the highest quality cannabis oil did this for me. In as little as 3 days I started on an upward spiral that also supports my spiritual journey. There’s so much more … but I’ll share it on  my blog – subscribe here to stay in touch.

Your body is a miracle healing machine!


Parkinson’s disease and the Endocannabinoid system

The occurrence of Parkinson’s disease in conversations I have lately made me feel like I should put down some information on it on my blog relating to Parkinson’s disease and the Endocannabinoid system. . Who is affected by Parkinson’s? Parkinson’s affects 1% of the elderly population. That is quite a significant amount! Age seems to …


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